PCANZ Safety W.O.F  Refresher

The Safety W.O.F Refresher is an opportunity for childrens and youth ministry leaders to briefly pause  and reflect on our practices as a leadership team. It is based on the full Safety W.O.F training, which has already been completed by each childrens and youth ministry leader in your church.

The W.O.F Refresher does not replace the full Safety W.O.F Training. All childrens and youth leaders must complete the full Safety W.O.F Training before beginning ministry with young people. At a minimum, the Refresher must be completed every three years by leaders responsible for young people.

The Safety W.O.F Refresher has three purposes. Firstly, to briefly remind us of the key elements from the full Safety W.O.F Training. Secondly, to review our Health & Safety processes. Thirdy, to continue our growth as leaders in the way we respond too and deal with challenging situations in our ministry.

This whole process of the Safety W.O.F Refresher should not take any longer than 60mins. You may choose to do it in one sitting or spread it out over 2 or 3 sessions.

Each person will need their own copy of the Refresher documents and the “At a Glance” Code of Ethics document. This is four pages in total and can be printed or downloaded to a device.

Step 1

Read the “Refresher Page” for each section of the W.O.F Training.
(Code of Ethics, Child Protection, and Health & Safety)

Step 2

After reading over the Refresher content, turn the card over and using the questions or scenarios provided, engage in a conversation with your team of leaders.