Q: If leaders went through the PCANZ Safety WOF Training in 2018 or earlier do they need to go through the training earlier than three years time? 

A: These leaders just need to read the CPP and go through Session 3 of the 2019 (or later) video based WOF training.  


Q: Our church does not have a comprehensive list of health and safety policies. What should we do? 

A: The orange Policies and Procedures Manual included in the WOF training contains some general church policies and many policies relevant to children’s and youth ministry. Further church policies can be found at https://www.icbnz.org/health-and-safety.html 


Q: Do we need to temporarily stand down existing volunteers or employees if they do not have a current police vetting check?  

A: In this transition year of 2019 when we are introducing the PCANZ Child Protection Policy we will allow all current volunteers and employees to continue in their roles provided a police vetting request is in process at the PCANZ National office for them. From 2020 onwards these volunteers and employees will need to be temporarily stood down until their police vetting reports come through clear. 


Q: What if we don’t have enough vetted and trained leaders available on a given week? Can we call upon a unvetted and untrained adult to help us? 

A: This should be the exception and not the norm. When you use an untrained and unvetted adult you run the risk that they may have an offence that would disqualify them from working with children or young people and they may not know how to respond adequately in the event of an emergency or ethical situation. Certainly this person should not be left unsupervised with children or young people. 


Q: What if someone refuses to go through the police vetting process? 

A: Ensure that this person clearly understands the police vetting process, it’s possible that they have a misunderstanding about what the process entails, what it reveals and to whom. If they still refuse after this they must be stood down from their children’s or youth ministry role immediately. 


Q:  Do we need to do a police vetting check if someone already has a one with another organisation? 

A: Unfortunately, we are required to do our own police vetting checks, we can’t just use the reports from other agencies.