The Training

The Safety WOF Training is video-based.

The Warrant of Fitness training is now delivered as a video-based training. It can be done in a local church and can be facilitated by anyone in the church at any time the church chooses. The Warrant of Fitness training is best done with a group as much of the learning takes place through practical group work scenarios.

All videos, manuals, Facilitator's Guide and other information for the PCANZ Safety WOF training can be found here.


Everything you need for the PCANZ warrant of fitness training is right here

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For the Facilitators

If you are the person facilitating the training, start of by reading the Facilitator's Guide, it will explain everything.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 3 Content Update

The procedures for responding to abuse have been recently updated in the PCANZ Child Protection Policy and subsequently in the WOF training. The manual attached here has been updated accordingly and video will soon be updated to reflect these changes.